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Friends of Brahmins Network

Ours is a vibrant network setup by ABC-CS to work with anyone/ everyone interested to serve the marginalised brahmin community. We strive to work for their overall development which includes economic, social, religious and cultural wellbeing on a sustainable basis in a self less and inspirational manner. Join us today to enjoy the benefits of being a Brahmin.

01. For Entrepreneurs

Brahmins Entrepreneurs

02. Helping Hand

Helping Hand for Brahmins

03. Special Services

Special Services for Brahmins

04. Economical Help

Economical Help to Brahmins

05. Donations

Donate for Brahmins

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Friends of Brahmins Network

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First Floor, 40-1-34 M.G. Road, Venkateswarapuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520 010, India.

Phone: 0866 - 6668892

Email: info@friendsofbrahmins.org